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Embarrassing Sexual Moments Part 1

May 22nd, 2015

As great as sex is, it is in fact the place where a lot of people feel most vulnerable… We all have our sexual tales of woe that we would sooner take to the grave than tell the world… But some brave, or stupid, people out there have decided to share their unfortunate sexual encounters and, believe us when we say, they are extremely unfortunate.

1) Mistaking Super Glue for Lube


Of course we all saw the famous scene in American Pie 2 where Jim utters the words “I kind of super-glued myself to…uh…myself,” and I am sure we are all aware of that over repeated phrase, “Life ain’t like the movies,” but, unfortunately, in this case it is! In fact, there are numerous accounts of people turning up to the emergency room in somewhat of a ‘Sticky situation’. Private’s advice, stick to the spermicidal stuff and leave the adhesives in the garage.

2) Trouble in the Glory Hole


Possibly one of the most tragically horrific sexual stories out there… Whether true or an urban legend it will send shivers up your spine so I will keep it short and avoid the gory details… After two men used a glory hole, they came out of the toilet to exchange some casual pleasantries only to realize that they were staring at an all too familiar face, Father and Son suffering a sever case of Cock Shock! You can only imagine how awkward the next Christmas dinner would have been.

3) Back Breaking Sex!


We all like it rough sometimes but we should know where to draw the line… right? For an unfortunate individual, who will remain nameless, back breaking sex got a whole new meaning when, during what can only be described as some ‘serious doggie action’, they fractured their tail-bone! Not quite domestic abuse but it is in the ball park so maybe try setting a safe word to keep all your bones safe while fornicating.

4) Changing Room Sex


Ahh the joys of working in retail: folding jumpers, working the till and… what? Is that a noise coming from the changing room?! Public fucking can be exciting, what with the thrill of being caught, but actually getting caught is not so much fun. The walk of shame out of the shop with your jeans round your ankles and a flush red face will not only earn you a lifelong ban but a lifelong memory of embarrassment!

5) Missionary Belching


Staring into each other’s eyes truly making sweet love when that big old big mac you had as a pre dinner snack comes bubbling up out of your gut flowing out of your once tender open mouth and wafting straight in her face. Unless she has some strange belching fetish, the chances are she is not going to be too impressed and that vagina will likely dry up quicker than the Sahara desert. We will never know what women truly want, but we can take a guess that a belch to the face is something they definitely don’t want… Process of elimination guys, we will get there one day.

Private Releases: Cheating Babes

May 20th, 2015

Infidelity is on the cards as Private delivers a fresh selection of horny wives with sex on their mind. In this tribute to women who play away, the deceitful Misha Cross, Stella Cox, Chelsea Lanette, Christen Courtney and Sienna Day show what happens when their desires overpower their vows. Whether it’s the opportunity to choke on a stranger’s massive prick or bury their face in a fresh wet pussy they grab the opportunity. Of course when they are caught there are consequences that require these cheating babes to endure a whole new level of hardcore punishment. Infidelity has never been so naughty, and being caught has never been so sexy!

Boys will be boys and hoes be hoes in this new feature as Private’s finest hunnies quench their thirst for cock… When their man leaves the house and their pussies are wet, what is a girl to do, the gardener or the butler…. Find out in this new epic!

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Ebony Power

May 18th, 2015


As people we have come a long way to strive for racial equality and so we should, but the fight is not over. Private have a dream! That black people and white people can CUM together and enjoy the pleasures of interracial fucking! We implore you to Fight the Power by Fucking!

Private present an interracial ass adventure of dark intention, starring Katia de Lys, Noe Milk, Jasmine, Jada Fire, Kisha Kane and Vixen Fyre, we bring you six flavors of delicious chocolate sprinkled with a hint of vanilla, Jasmine Rouge. These Ebony babes not only have sexual attributes to be admired and desired, wide hips, big tits and big black booties, they also have a deep set hunger for different colored cock. From swallowing sperm to hardcore anal, Private’s chocolate chicks put the E into Effort and into Ebony as they fight for their right to fuck!

Take a stand and embrace Ebony Power, give in to your dark desires and unite the races through pleasure in this interracial masterpiece!

Erika & Kirsten – V2

May 15th, 2015

After answering our ad, we quickly discover that both Erika and Kirsten share a lot in common. They go to school together, neither of them have been with another lady before, both are single AND curious. A two-in-one match made in lesbian heaven! See full-length episode at

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Andie Valentino

May 1st, 2015

We hired Andie for private yoga lessons. But watching her in all of those positions was too intense for our MILF so she decided to give Andie a couple pointers... A couple of pointer fingers right in her lotus. Once warmed up, they shared a long, deep, and sweaty stretch over the double ended rod. See full-length episode at

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